September 6 @ 3:00 pm AEST

A Hands-on Introduction to Teaching with Virtual Reality

Online via ZOOM

September 6 @ 3:00 pm AEST

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How to train teachers at your school to start using VR devices.

We put together this program because we had teachers asking so many questions about VR, and we wanted to help schools kickstart their way into using VR.

During the online workshop, we cover all the necessary basics of VR use, fleet adoption, and maintenance. 

  • 3DOF vs. 6DOF Differences: Understanding the distinctions
  • Exploring the main areas of use for VR and available educational VR apps
  • Efficiently finding and installing educational VR apps on headsets
  • Initial steps for implementing VR equipment in your school
  • Organizing training for educational technologists in your school
  • Implementing VR devices in classroom setups: Getting started
  • Best practices for establishing VR systems in your school
  • The importance of launching VR training days in your school
  • Organizing effective lessons: Individual and group work approaches
  • Ensuring sustainability in VR use: Best practices


This webinar is organised by Futuclass

Futuclass is a VR education company developing educational VR content and selling turn-key VR School Kits to educational institutions. Contact us for personalised demo.